New edition of Hurt on the Job on sale now!

A new edition of Hurt on the Job: A Guide to the Massachusetts Workers Compensation System has been published! If you are an injured worker, you need this book! It explains almost everything you need to know about what to expect from the workers compensation system.

The book was made possible through a generous donation of labor and materials by the Massachusetts Nurses Association. The MNA printed the book for Western MassCOSH. The new edition looks great, and we are working on making it available in bookstores throughout the state. In the meantime, you can order a book directly from us. The cost is $15, plus $2 for shipping and handling. Send check payable to Western MassCOSH to 640 Page Boulevard, Springfield, MA 01104. Call (413) 731-0760 for more information.

 The book explains how to report an injury, the benefits that are supposed to be available, what the court process is like for a contested claim, the pros and cons of settling, medical issues and surviving with a long-term disability. The book also has a section on federal workers compensation that was written by Katherine Smith, an attorney who handles federal workers compensation claims.