Alliance for Injured Workers
640 Page Blvd, Springfield, MA 01104
(413) 731-0760
Come to one of our monthly support group
meetings. If you are isolated and scared, or
just want some additional information, the
group is a great place to meet people in
similar circumstances. We often accompany
each other to hearings and medical

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
717 ½ Main Street, Agawam, MA 01001
(413) 786-9139
Support for families of the mentally ill.

Employee Assistance Program
Your employer may have an Employee
Assistance Program that offers free

Chronic pain support group
Mercy Hospital/Weldon Center for
Rehabilitation, Room 224
233 Carew St., Springfield, MA 01104
(413) 748-6800
Meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays
of each month from 1-2:30 p.m.
The meetings are facilitated by a
psychologist who specializes in treating
individuals with chronic pain.

Child and Families Disability
Resources Program

367 Pine St., Springfield, MA 01105
(413) 788-9695
Information, referrals, support groups and
recreational activities for the disabled.

Crisis Intervention
Emergency Services

(413) 582-2974, (800) 322-0424

Mount Tom Mental Health Center
Crisis Line and Respite Center
40 Bobala Drive, Holyoke, MA 01040
(413) 536-2251
The crisis line is an emergency hotline to
call if you are suicidal or need to talk to
someone. The respite center is an alternative
to being hospitalized. You must first call the
crisis line to be admitted to the Respite Center.
You can request to stay in the respite center,
but the crisis staff makes the decision after an
evaluation. If they believe that you are in immediate
danger of committing suicide, they will want to
hospitalize you. If it appears that you can control
suicidal impulses, you will most likely be allowed
to stay in the respite center. The center is voluntary --
you can leave whenever you want. In a hospital,
even if you are considered a voluntary patient, you
may not be able to leave for several days. The respite
center has a TV area and a kitchen where patients make
their own meals. After 24 hours, you can receive
"passes" to leave for short periods of time. Tell them
before you are admitted about any physical
accommodations you might need.

Voices of (dis)Ability
Contact Susan McWha, (413) 731-6755
A creative writing workshop for women
with physical disabilities or chronic pain.

Freedom Center
P.O. Box 623, Northampton, MA 01061
(413) 582-9948
This group offers peer support, advocacy
and activism for people who have been
labeled with "mental illness." It was founded
and is run by people labeled "mentally ill."

"Defending the human rights of people in
the psychiatric system since 1987."
Published by the Support Coalition

American Chronic Pain

P.O. Box 850, Rocklin, CA 95677
(800) 533-3231

National Chronic Pain Outreach Association
P.O. Box 274, Millboro, VA 24460
(540) 862-9437

Anti-euthanasia group that advocates giving
the disabled the help they need to live.
"Americans with Disabilities don't want
your pity or your lethal mercy. We want
freedom. We want LIFE."