Obtaining benefits through the federal
system can be very difficult. Only a handful
of lawyers will take federal cases! This is
because of the fee structure and the
complicated nature of the law.

Alliance for Injured Workers
640 Page Blvd., Springfield, MA 01104
(413) 731-0760
Referrals to attorneys who handle
federal workers compensation cases.

Hurt on the Job:
A Guide to the Massachusetts Workers’
Compensation System

Published by Western MassCOSH
(413) 731-0760
A complete guide to handling workers compensation
claims. Contains a comprehensive look
at federal workers compensation.

Federal Workers'
Compensation Guide

($19.95), (800) 989-3363

National Association
of Federal Injured Workers

2701 Coed Place, Grants Pass, OR 97527
(541) 472-8940

National Association
of Retired Federal Employees

606 North Washington St.
Alexandria, VA, 22314-1914
(703) 838-7760; (800) 627-3394.