It is ultimately your decision whether or not
to get a lawyer, but it won’t cost anything to
speak with someone well versed. Insurance
adjustors may treat you well in the early
stages of your claim, lulling you into
thinking this will not be an adversarial
process. Don’t be fooled! Your attorney will
be paid by the other side if he or she wins
your case. Most often, you will not incur any
initial costs, but you may end up paying the
cost of an appeal later. If your case is
settled, your attorney will take a percentage
of the lump sum settlement.

Alliance for Injured Workers
640 Page Boulevard
Springfield, MA 01104
(413) 731-0760
Legal referrals for workers compensation.

The Center for Public Representation
22 Green St., Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 586-6024
A nonprofit organization that provides legal
representation in cases concerning disability
claims, including applications for Social
Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Western Massachusetts Legal Services
127 State St., Springfield, MA 01103
(413) 781-7814
20 Hampton Ave., Suite 100
Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 584-4034
This agency provides legal assistance to
low-income people in civil cases, such as
denial or loss of benefits, evictions and
family law.

Massachusetts Justice Project
57 Suffolk St., Holyoke, MA 01040
(413) 533-2660
The project provides legal services to low-
income individuals with cases such as
housing discrimination, public benefits,
disability and family law.

Housing Discrimination Project
57 Suffolk St., Holyoke, MA 01040
(413) 539-9796, (800) 675-7309
Call the project if you think a landlord has
discriminated against you. It is a private,
non-profit, fair housing organization that
provides education, counseling and free
legal services to anyone who has been
illegally denied housing. The brochures it
publishes includeFair Housing for
Individuals with Physical Disabilities, Fair
Housing for Individuals Receiving Public
Assistance or Housing Assistance, and
Discrimination Against Families with
If you are in a wheelchair and
need a ramp, an advocate will contact your
landlord about installing one. The agency's
help is available to residents of Hampden,
Hampshire, Franklin, Berkshire and
Worcester counties.

Hampshire County Bar Association
15 Gothic St., Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 586-8729

Hampden County Bar Association
50 State St., Springfield, MA 01103
(413) 732-4648

Massachusetts Commission
Against Discrimination

436 Dwight St., Springfield, MA 01103
(413) 739-2145
The commission investigates claims of
discrimination. You may face discrimination
because of your injury when you re-enter the
workforce, or when you apply for housing.

Family and Medical Leave Act
Wage and Hour Bureau
U.S. Department of Labor
JFK Federal Bldg., Boston, MA 02203
(617) 624-6700
This law allows you to take up to 12 weeks
unpaid leave for medical problems without
fear of being fired. It may be a good idea to
protect your job with the Family and
Medical Leave Act while pursuing workers
compensation benefits.

Americans with Disabilities Act
Stavros Center for Independent Living
691 South East St., Amherst, MA 01002
(413) 256-0473
See also U.S. Department of Justice ADA
This law requires employers to offer
reasonable accommodations to employees
with disabilities. Court decisions, however,
have made it more difficult to qualify as disabled.

Office of Disability
Employment Policy

U.S. Department of Labor
Frances Perkins Building
200 Constitution Ave., NW
Washington, D.C., 20210
(866) 633-7365, TDD (877) 889-5627

Office of Attorney General/
Division of Fair Labor

1350 Main St., Springfield, MA 01103
(413) 784-1240
The office enforces employment laws
regarding job safety, child labor,
nonpayment of wages, and wage rates.

Massachusetts Client
Assistance Program

One Ashburton Place, Rm 1305
Boston, MA (800) 322-2020
This agency provides advocacy to people
trying to get services from the
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission,
the Massachusetts Commission for the
Blind, and the Independent Living Centers.
If you have a problem with the services that
you are getting from these agencies, CAP
will try to resolve the issue.